AnTimeBiller In Action

Screenshot 1

Main screen:

  • Allow efficient viewing of timesheet data

Screenshot 2

Edit screen:

  • Enter/Select various fields using drop lists
  • Enter custom data
  • Customizable description for custom fields

Screenshot 3

You can "record" task(s) using up to 4 timers. Enter note as you work. And pause the timer when desired.

Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5

Expense entry edit screens:

  • Create mileage/general expense entry
  • Customizable description for custom fields

Screenshot 6

Customize your own report. Create an invoice, tabular, or group by report. Save report definitions for reuse.

Screenshot 7

Sample report.

Screenshot 8

Setup client structures before creating time entries.

Screenshot 9

Copy feature for repetitive entries for the rest of the week, to a specified date or end date.

Screenshot 10

Create filter to limit the amount of data to display in the main screen.