AnTreNotes (tablet) In Action

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2

Main screen:

  • Display check box, progress bar, or no status for items.
  • Use the level indicator to expand/collapse the item.
  • Touch and hold on the item to display the context menu for item related commands.
  • Touch the Menu action item for general commands.

Screenshot 3

Item summary screen

Screenshot 4

Item edit screen

Screenshot 5

Links screen

Screenshot 6

Note screen

Screenshot 7

Entry mode allows easy access to add items in tree list style.

Screenshot 8

Apply Attributes allows changing direct sub-items' attributes quickly.

Screenshot 9

Organize items by branch with manual order or one of the sort orders. Use the Arrange action item to arrange items manually.

Screenshot 10

Display statistics for each parent item. From left to right in square bracket:

  • Number of incomplete items
  • Number of partially completed items
  • Number of completed items

Screenshot 11

File list screen