ConverterAN Pro

Version 2.0 | Last Update: Jun 18, 2019

ConverterAN Pro

ConverterAN Pro is a unit conversion program for most commonly used units. Features:

  • Acceleration, angle, area, astronomical, computer, density, energy, flow rate, force, frequency, fuel consumption, length, mass, power, pressure, speed, temperature, torque, and volume units
  • Number base conversion
  • Decimal/Sexagesimal conversion
  • Electrical unit conversion
  • Clothing size conversion
  • Currency conversion with downloaded or user-defined rates
  • Package comparison
  • Circle related calculation
  • Area or volume calculation
  • Days between dates calculation
  • Add/Subtract days from a date
  • Windchill calculation
  • Humidex calculation
  • Body Mass Index calculation
  • Tip calculator
  • Amateur vertical antenna calculation
  • File transfer time calculation
  • IDD country code reference
  • City area code reference
  • Clothing care label reference
  • Sales tax or VAT rate reference
  • Digital display standard reference
  • Name of large number reference
  • Cooking unit and oven temperature reference
  • American Wire Gauge conversion reference
  • Bluray region reference
  • HDTV system reference
  • DVD region code reference
  • World voltage and socket reference
  • Worldwide emergency number reference
  • Wedding anniversary reference
  • Speed limit quick reference
  • Paper size reference
  • Photo print size reference
  • Developer tools
  • Respective user interface design for tablets and phones
  • Samsung multi-window support

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Demo Info:

  • Some features are disabled in unit conversion, reference, and calculation
  • Rate update is disabled

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