Support Information

To report a bug or problem, please fill out the support request form. By providing us with detail descriptions, you can better help us to replicate and properly diagnose the issue. For example, what feature and action was executing when the problem persists, steps of procedure to reproduce the problem, specific discrepancy of the result etc. would be very helpful.

Priority is given to registered users of non-freeware applications. Email turnaround time varies. However, every effort is made to return support emails within a reasonable time during business days.

Suggestions to applications are welcomed. You may not get a response to your suggestion or request due to the large volume of emails. All suggestions and requests are considered during development. However, there is no guarantee that any request or suggestion will be implemented in the next version.

Have Not Heard From Us?

If you do not get a response within 5 business days, there is a great possibility that your ISP may be blocking our responses as SPAM or because you may have entered an invalid email address to respond to, which prevents our replies from reaching you. Please check your spam filter and add the domain to your filter's "white-list", and re-send your query. If your email address is on the Unreachable Emails List, please email support with a different email address to receive our responses.

Application Updates

In an effort to reduce the amount of emails received, we do not send notifications to registered users. Please feel free to check the support page regularly for new updates and fixes, or subscribe to our RSS feed. To request for latest update information and password, please fill out the resend update form. There is no set time limit for free updates. However, we reserve the rights to charge for upgrade of certain significant releases.

Update Email Address

The email address provided at purchase is used as part of the customer record verification. If you have changed your email address since your purchase, please fill out the email change form to update your customer record.

Resend Update Notification

If you lost the update notification email, please fill out the resend update form to have the latest update information resend to you.

Freeware Updates

Freeware applications do not have regular updates.

Unsupported and Discontinued Software

  • All Windows Mobile Professional applications are no longer supported.
  • All Windows Mobile Standard applications are no longer supported.