Desktop TreNotes FAQ

I have set a reminder for an item. Why doesn't the reminder show up?

Item reminder will be displayed only when the file is opened.

Is ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC) required?

As of Desktop TreNotes 9.0, it no longer supports ActiveSync or WMDC. If you wish to convert Rich Ink files, please use TreNotes File Converter.

How can I convert a Desktop TreNotes 9.x file to another note type?

To convert from/to Rich Text note type:

  1. Select File->New... and select the desired note type.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Select File->Import....
  4. Change file type to TreNotes Files.
  5. Select the desired file and click Open.
  6. Save the file with a new name.

For Plain Text or Textile Text note types, you can select File->Convert Note Type.

Why is printing or print preview not working?

In order for printing and print preview to function properly, please make sure a printer capable of printing graphics is installed in Windows.

How do I display the help file?

From the application main screen, click on the Help button on the ribbon or press F1. Click on the drop down arrow beside the Help button for more help links.

Is there a limit on how many items in a file?

There is no set limit. However, it is limited by the amount of program memory and storage space. Also, large file will require more time to load.

How do I share files between AnTreNotes and Desktop TreNotes?

  1. Make sure the file to be transferred is created by Desktop TreNotes using Plain Text, or Textile Text note type.
  2. Make sure no file is opened in AnTreNotes. Press the Back key until you reach the recent file screen.
  3. Connect the device to the desktop PC.
  4. Copy the files between the desktop PC and the device.

Please note that files created by AnTreNotes can only be opened in Desktop TreNotes 9.0 or later.

I encounter a runtime error. How do I report it?

In the error message, it indicates the location of a log file. Please email this log file to support for analysis. The log file tnError.log is usually located in your Documents directory.